Abakus Radiation-Tolerant Zoom

Drawing on its extensive experience of lens design for Nuclear Industry, Abakus has developed a revolutionary, radiation-tolerant zoom lens. It has been designed to withstand radiation levels of more than 106 Gray (108 Rad) and can be expected to have a long life under normal operations.

Physically the system is mechanically rugged, the whole can be incorporated within industrial-standard, stainless-steel 2 ½" diameter tube. A position for earth-bonding is provided.

The zoom range of 15 mm to 135 mm together with a close focus of only 500 mm gives the wide field of view and the high magnification options needed by the industry. The image at wide angle has an impressive diagonal of over 40°. Whereas for examining fine detail, such as a barcode, the smallest object to fill the field of view at close focus, is only 28 mm wide by 21 mm high.

Using Abakus specially-designed, radiation- tolerant, zoom and fixed-focal-length lenses, radioactive environments can be viewed efficiently, accurately and safely.

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Zoom Range

15 mm to 135 mm

Field of View

32.7° to 3.7° Horizontal

Focus Range

500 mm to Infinity

Relative aperture

f/2.8 to f/22

Maximum dose

2 x 106 Gray (gamma)

Motor Drives (12 volt dc)

Zoom, focus and iris

Max. Image Size

2/3" (11 mm diagonal)


170 mm to C-mount

Max. Diameter

59.9 mm


770 g

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