Abakus Stadium Lens for Super-35, PL-Mount Cameras

The award-winning ultra-wide B4 mount Stadium lens was the inspiration for this exiting new development. The advent of very high resolution, single-chip motion picture cameras has changed the field of drama production. The programs that were shot on B4 mount cameras in high definition are more and more being produced on 4 K "cine-style" cameras. This new lens not only achieves 4K standard, but exceeds it so it is ready for 8K Productions when that market has developed sufficiently.

These lenses have the ability to cover the whole of a stadium in a single shot with minimal distortion in any one sector of the shot due to the F-theta design. The unique distortion characteristic lends itself to dramatic artistic interpretations. Inspiring footage can be produced for chase and dream sequences. Not forgetting that opening dramatic shot!

For traditionalists, who prefer to shoot with 35 mm film, the rear of the lens clears the mirror shutter.

Technical Specification

Nominal Focal Length

9 mm

Focus Range

0.25 m to Infinity

10” to Infinity

Relative Aperture

T2.8 (f/2.6)

Focus Movement


T Scale Range

T2.8 to T16 linear

Mounts Available


Image Size

28.6 mm diameter

Filter Provision

One rotatable 40.5mm

Iris Movement (T2.8 to T16)



1.56 kg

Light Transmission

90% nominal


115 mm to mount

Angles of view for 16x9 format

Vertical (14 mm) 90° Horizontal (24.9 mm) 170° Diagonal (28.6 mm) 210°

Maximum Width

130 mm

Stadium Lens Front Protection

The design challenge for protection for the front element of the 210° diagonal angle of view of this unique, ultra-wide lens has been met! A wrap-around, front protection cover is now supplied with the lens for use in extreme environments where there is risk of damage to the front lens element.

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