Abakus Anamorphic Format Converter

Used to make the most of your existing lenses

Abakus 400A Converter  Product Code 1673

This is for the direct optical conversion of 2/3" video lenses into anamorphic super-35 format. The stainless steel B4 mount at the front of the unit fits onto the rear of B4 mount video lenses. The rear of the unit interfaces with super-35 cameras using an Arri PL mount. The optics in between magnifies the image by different amounts in the horizontal and vertical planes in order to achieve an anamorphic squeeze.

Vertical Magnification = 4.2

Horizontal magnification = 2.1

Three stops loss with magnification, thus an f/1.7 lens becomes f/4.8. Image diagonal 28.6 mm.

The optics compensate for camera format differences ensuring an image with low spherical aberration, whilst still maintaining that desirable anamorphic look.

This unit gives you the ability to achieve that special shot with anything from an Abakus Stadium lens to a 100:1 zoom.

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