Abakus B4 to C-Mount Format Converters

Used to make the most of your existing lenses

These Abakus Adapters interface between B4 mount lenses and C-mount cameras

This range of Abakus Adapters enables the use of the full range of B4-mount video lenses with new high quality c-mount cameras.

Due to the purpose designed optical quality of the lenses within all the Abakus adapters, there is no loss of picture quality.

The lens optics within each of the adapters have been purpose designed to integrate with specific camera blocks

The front of each adapter has a rugged integrated stainless steel B4-mount which fits onto the rear of B4 video lenses

There is an integral rotatable collar, with locking screw, to accommodate the screw thread of the camera's c-mount.

The rotatable collar allows the B4 lenses to be orientated correctly to maximise picture quality.

The rear of the adapters interfaces perfectly fit with the cameras c-mount.

Optional lens & camera support bracket available.

Mechanically they are easy to use.

Angles of view are maintained

Top quality optics throughout

Abakus adapter description B4- C 1/3" (3-chip) B4 - C 1/2" (3-chip) B4-C 2/3" (2 or 3chip) B4-C 2/3"(1chip) Super-16 (1-chip)
Abakus code 1057 1058 1059 1060 1061

B4 mount Abakus Stadium interfaced to 1/2" camera with adapter

Magnification 0.55 0.73 1.0 1.0 1.32
Camera Image Diagonal 6 mm 8 mm 11 mm 11 mm 14.52 mm
Maximum camera aperture f/1.4 f/1.4 f/1.4 f/1.4 f/1.85
Length (mount to mount) 24.2 mm 29.4 mm 38.0 mm 47.5 mm 53.5 mm
Weight 136 g 146 g 198 g 215 g 283 g
Example of camera Toshiba IK-HD1, Iconix HD-RH1F Hitachi HV-HD201 Ikegami HDL-20 Indiecam POV, GS2K Digital Bolex

B4-mount lenses can now be used on C-mount cameras including everything from 100:1 zoom lenses to super wide angle lenses like the Abakus Stadium lens

Abakus B4 to JVC adapter

This high quality optics allows B4 mount lenses to be used on the JVC GY-HD series or similar cameras with 1/3", 3-chip detectors. The adapter does not change the focal length of the lens, but compensates for the different glass blocks in the 1/3" camera compared to the 2/3" cameras. This is essential to achieve high definition quality.

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