Abakus Optics for Broadcast Television and Cinematography

Drawing on a wealth of experience Abakus designers have created :-

High Definition B4-Mount Lenses:

The ultra-wide High Definition B4-mount Abakus Stadium Lens has a 210 degree diagonal angle of view so an entire stadium can be shown in a single "beauty"shot. The Abakus Arena Lens uses the same F-Theta design concept and has an angle of view of 140 degrees.

Abakus B4 to PL-Mount Adapters:

Abakus 132 and Abakus 260, have high quality stainless steel mounts which enable B4 mount lenses, such as the Stadium and Arena, can be converted to Super-16 and Super-35 respectively.

The Abakus 200 converts B4 lenses to micro 4/3" for use on High Speed and Red cameras.

Abakus B4 to C-mount Adapters:

These enable B4 mount lenses to be used on c-mount cameras such as Iconix (1/3"- 3-chip), Hitachi (" - 3-chip), Ikegami (2/3" (2/3-chip), TV Skyline (2/3" (1-chip),

Photosonics (Super-16)


This is a Borescope or Periscope (with 90 of 45 degree bend) which has interchangeable front lenses with a range of focal lengths (10mm,14mm,20mm,28mm and 40mm) It has an in-built LED ring-light for close-up illumination. The focus and iris controls are at the rear for the ergonomic comfort of the operator.

Abakus High Impact Borescope Lenses:

These are C-mount prime lenses which were initially designed to be at the center of an Archery target. The front lens is sapphire and just 2mm in diameter. Available in a range of lengths and can incorporate a 90 degree bend.

Abakus Prime lenses for 2/3" Single-Chip HD cameras:

A range of very small lenses is available for use with the new range of 2/3", single-chip cameras that have now become available. These are especially useful when a camera needs to be positioned in a confined space.

Other Broadcast Optics

Abakus has designed a range of products in the past for use in the Broadcast industry. These are now available to special order.

Abakus C-mount zoom lenses are compact rugged units with good balance. The three versions are available for 1/2" and 1/3" three-chip cameras. The motors for the zoom, focus and fully closing linear iris are contained within the small neat bodies of the lenses. Abakus Super-wide zoom (2-8mm), Abakus Compact zoom (3-12mm) Abakus Premium Zoom (6-48mm). Suitable for medical, wild-life, broadcast sport, on-board action, pan and tilt heads etc..

Abakus Viewfinder Eyepiece Extender enables operators to see what the camera sees in bright sunshine. It relays the viewfinder image close to the eye when using broadcast cameras on a tripod and saves your back!