Custom Design Services

Specialist optical design

Abakus is a specialist optical design and manufacturing company. We have a range of our own products. These products range from simple protective optical flat windows to zoom lenses and specialist wide-angle High Definition (HDTV) lenses (See Products). We also design and manufacture ranges of specialist products for other companies.

We like challenges

The challenges in the design of TV/cine lenses are similar to the challenges involved in the design of any high quality lens, i.e. super quality picture, tight colour tolerances, fast lenses, iris control in the hands of the operator for artistic sensitivity, and accessories which are interchangeable and compatible.

We solve problems

An example of where the good name and reputation for quality has been demonstrated is with the Abakus Eyepiece Extender. This was designed to increase the comfort and efficiency of professional camera people who operate their TV cameras mounted on tripods away from their bodies, a feature particularly important for HD camera work. The overall effect of using the eyepiece extender is to improve operator efficiency by making operations ergonomically better and thus saving time and money.


Optical system for viewing into large diesel engines.

Fast light collecting optics.

Large through-roof viewing system.

Small viewing system for research laboratory.

On car anamorphic camera optics.

Experimental, wide-angle lens for Ultra High Definition Television

Extensive super-16 optical design for Optex