Abakus, Radiation-Tolerant, Fixed-Focal-Length Lenses

These lenses are small and neat. Glass elements and metals are made exclusively from radiation tolerant materials. The focal lengths are 6mm, 9mm, 15mm and 25mm (picture diagonals of 100, 68, 40 and 25 degrees respectively). All have the same external size and shape. The metal diameter is 22.8mm and length to the D-mount 32mm. They are fitted with a brass iris drive gear with standard 55 teeth.

In addition the 4.5mm wide angle (120 degree) fixed focal length lens is larger. It has a 58mm metal diameter and a length of 53mm. The lenses can be used with 2/3" cameras or with C-mount adapters to convert to c-mount.

Motor driven options are available for focus and/or iris.
Focal length in mm 4.5 6 9 15 25
Picture diagonal 120 100 68 40 25
Picture height 80 62 42 25 15
Picture width 102 82 54 33 20
max relative aperture f/2 f/2 f/2 f/2 f/2
min relative aperture f/16 f/16 f/16 f/16 f/16
Order codes 852 853 854 855 856
iris drive gear 140 teeth 55 teeth 0.4 MOD
metal diameter 58mm 22.8 mm
length to D-mount 53mm 32 mm

The above data is for when the lenses are used with 2/3" cameras. C-mount adapters available to convert to c-mount. Many of our products are held in stock, please 'phone for availability.

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