High Impact Borescope lens

This lens was originally designed to fit right in the centre of the Bulls-eye of an archery target, so that arrows could be "watched" coming straight towards the target. Any lens in this position of potential high impact had to be designed to very high specification to withstand high energy impact.

The shape, size and form of the front of the lens is revolutionary. The very front element is tiny, being just 2mm in diameter and yet is incredibly powerful in optical terms. The tiny front lens is protected by an optical window made from sapphire for additional strength and protection. It can also incorporate a 90 bend for use in awkward places.

This Abakus lens has a wide 96 angle of view. Images have remarkable edge-to-edge sharpness and flat field. The main body of the borescope is made from high quality stainless steel and this part of the lens enables a high degree of flexibility in terms of length. It may be as short as 90mm and increased in units of 90mm to, for example, the 230mm length that was used for the archery target.

Focal length:                     4mm

Picture width/diagonal:      80/92

Length:                             90mm plus 90mm units

Diameter Front /barrel:     2.5/ 12mm

Rear external mount:         C-mount

Relative Aperture:             f/4 to f16

Bend angle:                       Straight, 90 to order

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