What We Do

Abakus (formerly Abakus Scientific) designs and manufactures optical lens systems for TV and cine professionals and specialist industrial applications. The company is able to translate customer wants and needs into product solutions. This is helped by a sound corporate scientific knowledge base and a network of specialist component suppliers. Ideas are formulated into optical designs by the use of in-house high speed computers. Mechanical designers wrap bodies around the optical components so the lenses function correctly and can be operated with ease and artistic sensitivity. Specialist glass and metal manufacturers make components to our design specifications and tolerances. Abakus assemble and test all optical products. These products range from simple protective optical flat windows to zoom lenses and specialist wide-angle High Definition (HDTV) lenses. Abakus sell most of their own products through distributors based world-wide.

Where We Are

Abakus is a small specialist technical company based near the ancient town of Stamford, 100 miles north of London in the UK in the middle of rural England, where it enjoys purpose designed accommodation at picturesque Grange Farm. The company is well placed to meet the challenges associated with the design and production of first quality lenses for the TV/cine industry and also optics for specialist industrial purposes.

Why we are called Abakus

People often ask why the original name Abakus Scientific was chosen for the company when it was founded in 1991. The reasons are quite simple. Optical design is a very much a mathematical science. An abacus is an ancient mathematical calculating machine. The name was chosen to maintain the flavour of the mathematical science which underpins all optical design. Needless to say, the company uses rather more up to date calculating machines than an abacus for optical design i.e. very high power modern computers, in-house software etc. However the two founding directors, Ken and Kath both have names which start with the letter "K", hence it was decided to spell Abacus with a "K" rather than a "C", so the original name rather than being Abacus Scientific became Abakus Scientific, now officially shortened to just Abakus (but still with the "K").

Our Team

Dr. Ken Pollitt - Managing Director

The company was founded in 1991 by Dr. Ken Pollitt who has over 35 years experience in the field of lens design and the production of high quality optical systems. After obtaining his doctorate at the University of Birmingham England, he worked for the British Glass Research Association in Sheffield and then Rank Taylor Hobson in Leicester, where he headed up the optical research and development team. Here he gained an intimate knowledge of the requirements of the TV and cine industries. He now runs Abakus.

Dr. Kath Langley C.Eng. - Manufacturing Director

Dr. Langley became a Chartered Engineer in 1976 and is a Member of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining. Prior to joining Abakus, Kath was an academic lecturer running degree courses in the Engineering Department at Northampton University. She was also chairman of the Engineering Council Education Subcommittee in the East Midlands. She joined Abakus in 1996 to do organization, procurement and assembly of the increasing number of Abakus optical products.

Teams based off site

Abakus is well served by an extended team of specialists based off-site. In this modern day and age we feel that there is no need for workers to commute everyday. Time and money can be saved by working from, or close to home. This avoids commuting stress, cuts down on pollution and saves time for more productive activities.

The teams include:

- mechanical design

- prototype metal manufacture.

- electronic circuit design and manufacture

- toolmakers

Glass manufactures

All our individually designed glass products (lenses, prisms, optical flats) are made by specialist lens manufacturers. We currently use four UK based companies and two European companies.

Metal manufacturers

Our production metal manufacture is done by three high quality specialist companies based locally in the East Midlands UK.

Optical Testing

Optical testing of all Abakus products is done, in house, on our premises at Grange Farm.


We are sad to report that Savarna Kissemily died recently after a short retirement.

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