Abakus Radiation Tolerant Optics

15 to 135 Zoom Lens

These radiation tolerant zoom lenses are available for 2/3", radiation-tolerant cameras. Designed for use in adverse environments with gamma doses of up to and above 10^8 Rad ( 10^6 Gray).

Fixed focal length lenses

Small reliable and neat lenses. Glass elements and metals are made exclusively from radiation tolerant materials. The focal lengths are 6mm, 9mm, 15mm and 25mm (picture diagonals of 100, 68, 40 and 25 degrees respectively). All have the same external size and shape.

Through Wall Viewing System

The Abakus ultra-wide radiation tolerant viewing system allows quality viewing from a single safe view port position. It can be used as either a simple surveillance system to view a huge passive 180 degree angle of view, or a pan, scan and zoom system, operated from outside the contaminated area can be used to enhance views anywhere in the 180 degree arc of vision. Operators can zoom in the look closer for detail and collect and archive images.

Mini Borescope

This Abakus Mini Borescope made for narrow holes, has a body made from rugged, stainless steel with a diameter is a neat 20mm. They are available any length between 200mm and 400mm so they can be pocked almost anywhere.3.5mm focal length, diagonal angle of view 100 degrees, aperture is fixed at f8. The mount is normally c-mount or other to customer specification. Please contact us with your requirements.


Abakus manufactures a range of radiation tolerant lenses and optical systems. The majority of these are designed to the customers specifications and then manufactured exclusively for that customer.

If you have any specific requirements please contact us on +44 (0)1778 590 117 or email to:  sales@abakus.co.uk