Abakus Ultra-wide Radiation Tolerant Viewing System

See everything ! Up, down and sideways from a single safe view port position

Record the whole or part of any enclosed area

Options to meet a variety of needs

Reliable and easy to use

Full Colour Images

Ultra-wide Lens

Use: to interface with radioactive zones

Quality Optics = Quality Viewing

View up/down/ sideways from a single position.

Static front element projects only 15mm into radioactive zone. Therefore there is no opportunity for mechanical or electronic breakdown in radiation contaminated hot zone.

Relay Options

Use: to transfer images through walls

90 relay module

Avoids direct line of sight radiation

Interfaces with rear end viewing options

Fits rear of ultra-wide front directly or

Fits onto rear of straight relays

Straight relay modules

Available in connecting units

Unit length 664mm

Systems available for any wall thickness

Inbuilt radiation shielding

Viewing Options

Use: to see what you need from safety

Simple Surveillance System

Views everything from single fixed position

Huge passive 180 angle of view

Pan and Scan System

Enhance view anywhere in the 180 arc of vision. Three-directional movement

Up/down/sideways vision

Scan close-up in detail

Zoom in to look closer for even more detail

View, collect and archive images.

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